Books in the “Ashleigh” Series

The “Ashleigh” series of books was created by Joanna Campbell but some of the books in the series were written by other authors.   Chris wrote these.

Forbidden Stallion (Ashleigh #5)

Ashleigh is torn.

Ashleigh Griffen knows it’s wrong, but she can’t help it-she’s jealous. Peter Danworth has everything: a huge Thoroughbred racing farm, money, and one of Ashleigh’s favorite stallions, Aladdin.

Then Ashleigh gets amazing news. If the stallion loses his next race, the Danworths will retire him to stud at Edgardale!


Derby Day (Ashleigh #7)

Before Thoroughbred, Ashleigh Griffen lived at Edgardale, her family’s farm in Kentucky. Nothing could be more perfect than life on the farm with her family, her favorite horses, and her best friend, Mona. Ashleigh loves helping with the horses–and dreaming of becoming a jockey someday…




The Lost Foal (Ashleigh #8)

Mystery rocks Edgardale Farm when Go Gen’s filly, Shadow, suddenly disappears without a trace. Ashleigh’s family launches a tireless search for the horse, but reluctantly gives up their investigation when Shadow can’t be found anywhere. Ashleigh is devastated, but she isn’t ready to stop looking for the foal she helped to birth. Knowing Shadow would never run away, she suspects he’s been stolen. But will Ashleigh get the evidence she needs in time to save her beloved horse?


Holiday Homecoming (Ashleigh #9)

It’s almost Thanksgiving, but Ashleigh Griffen isn’t feeling very thankful. Her favorite filly, Shadow, has just been sold. And her best friend, Mona Gardener, is moving far away. Ashleigh is so upset that she vows not to care about anything anymore. So when a needy mare with a late-due foal arrives at the farm, Ashleigh refuses to get attached, even when her neglect almost costs the mare her life. Is the new Ashleigh here to stay? Or will a holiday miracle bring back the old Ashleigh for good?


Derby Dreams (Ashleigh #10)

Ashleigh Griffen’s dream has come true. Her parents have bought their very own racehorse, which means Edgardale farm has a shot at winning the Kentucky Derby! The entire Griffen family works overtime at training Royal Renegade for his first big race. And he wins! But then something goes terribly wrong. The even-tempered stallion suddenly turns mean and starts losing races. No one can figure out why. Will Ashleigh solve the mystery before it’s too late for her Derby dreams?

Ashleigh’s Promise (Ashleigh #11)

Ashleigh needs help with Promise.

Ashleigh Griffen has a mysterious new neighbor, a teenage boy with a natural talent for understanding horses. Ashleigh has watched him work, but the rumors flying around town about the boy keep her from speaking to him.

When Ashleigh bids at auction on a neglected racehorse named Majestic Promise, her parents are furious. Promise is distrustful of humans and in terrible physical shape. Ashleigh knows she can’t keep Promise, but if she can win his trust and get him fit again, she can sell him to a loving home.

Winter Race Camp (Ashleigh #12)

A dream renewed…

When one of her favorite horses is injured, Ashleigh Griffen isn’t herself anymore. She stays indoors, refusing to ride or spend much time with her favorite horse, Stardust. Her parents don’t know what to do.

The Griffens’ next-door neighbors have just the thing — a Thoroughbred racing camp for kids interested in a career in racing. Ashleigh doesn’t want to go, but her parents enroll her anyway. Will the camp renew Ashleigh’s passion for horses and her dream of becoming a jockey?

The Prize (Ashleigh #13)

Ashleigh needs a new saddle, and the prize for champion on the local show circuit is a beautiful new one. But Ashleigh has never been confident in the show ring — does she dare even try? Her best friend, Mona Gardener, loves to show and promises to help out. Ashleigh decides to go for it.

As the shows progress, Mona becomes more and more competitive, trying to score the most points and win the saddle herself. Ashleigh doesn’t know what to do. Will a friendly competition put an end to a lifelong friendship?

Ashleigh’s Western Challenge (Ashleigh #14)

Ashleigh gets much more than she bargains for when she travels west to spend time with her cousins. It’s like a trip back in time as she learns to ride in rodeos and attend thrilling mustang roundups. Ashleigh also forges a special relationship with a horse no one believes in. She vows to make his talents known before she returns home to Kentucky. Can Ashleigh prove her hunch before she has to head back east?


Stardust’s Foal (Ashleigh #15)

Ashleigh Griffen’s beloved horse, Stardust, is actually going to have a foal. While Ashleigh prepares Stardust for the birth, the Griffens take in Ashleigh’s cousin, Emily, a girl about Ashleigh’s age whose dad is recovering from a long illness. Emily claims she loves horses, but she’s awfully clumsy around them — and her careless mistake results in Stardust’s being exposed to strangles, a horse disease that endangers both Stardust and the foal she carries! Will Stardust be strong enough to deliver the foal safely?

Our young heroine grows up before our very eyes in the heartrending conclusion to the Ashleigh series.